Our Leather


Our leather collection is defined by superior craftsmanship and durability, all at affordable prices. Our innovative designs enhance the elegance and class of the genuine vaquetta leather crafted from cattle raised in the plains of South America. 


What Is Vaquetta Leather?


Our Colombian Vaquetta leather is a luxurious, full-grain leather made from the highest quality hides. Once the hair is removed, the hides aren’t buffed or altered in any way, so every piece retains the natural variations in tone, creases, range marks and even tiny scars. We incorporate these natural elements into the designs for truly unique items. Whether you purchase a cowhide leather purse, travel bag or one of our many accessories, you will find yourself with a unique piece that is truly yours.


Vaquetta leather is durable and soft to the touch. And like a fine wine, it only improves with age. Over time, it will absorb oils from your skin and develop a softer texture and distinctive markings. The leather will also take on a darker sheen for an attractive patina that helps it stand out. With proper care, your vaquetta leather goods can last for decades.


A Leading Distributor of Colombian Leather


Every one of our products is processed and handmade in our factory in Bogotá, Colombia, where we have spent over 30 years mastering the process of creating soft, luxurious natural cowhide leather at an affordable price. Our business has grown to be one of the top distributors of Colombian leather in the U.S., and we have a large variety of designs and colors to choose from that will match your style. We use durable, high-quality hardware designed to last as long as your leather.


Our diverse selection of goods offers something for everyone, including tech-friendly bags that protect your devices on the go without sacrificing an ounce of class or style. Explore our collections for men and women and discover the soft, luxurious feel of genuine leather in its most natural state.