Leather Care



At Le Donne Leather, we craft leather products in their most natural state. Our uniquely styled, affordably priced leather is built to last. With proper care, our Colombian Vaquetta leather can maintain its look for decades. Our products arrive to you pre-treated, and they shouldn’t need any conditioning for the first six months. However, you will need to protect your leather from water and sunlight as well as clean and condition it to prevent damage.



 Leather Cleaning and Conditioning 

Leather can crack or grow mold without upkeep. We recommend using Lexol products to clean and maintain our leather goods. They have consistently offered the best leather conditioner and cleaning products at a reasonable price for over 30 years. 


After the first six months, you should clean and condition your leather once a month to keep it in good condition. Leather is similar to skin, but without the natural oils to keep it hydrated. Leather cleaners can safely remove dirt, food and grime from your bag. Leather conditioners are high in fats and oils that can penetrate through the surface to keep the leather pliable and stain resistant. Choose petroleum- and silicone-free conditioners like those offered by Lexol to avoid long-term damage.




First, you should clean your bag using a non-dyed cloth and the leather cleaner. Once it’s clean, you can condition it. Always do a color check on your bag before applying any product to visible portions to ensure the product is appropriate for your leather. Polishing leather can help it maintain a bright look, but should only be done after conditioning. To learn more about how to clean leather, follow the instructions on the product label.


If you own one of our distressed leather products, you should avoid using a leather cleaner. Instead, clean it as needed with a damp sponge. Once it is dried, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove any excess dirt or dust.

Leather Repair

If you keep your leather clean and well maintained, it will better resist wear and tear. We offer a limited 12-month warrantyon items that are damaged because of faulty materials or workmanship.


Worn leather can often be restored using leather recoloring balm. This can reduce the appearance of splits and cracks, as well as restore its natural tone. If you have minor damage to your leather, you may be able to patch it up with a DIY repair kit. However, larger tears and other major damage should be left to a professional.