What are the Different Types of Purse Styles and Names?

16th Nov 2021

Different Types of Leather Purse Styles Popular Today

Here at Le Donne Leather, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the different types of purse styles. We’ll briefly cover different purse designs, their functionality in everyday use and some of the best places and occasions these varying styles of purses might come in handy.

Of course, at the end of the day, the style of purse you choose will depend on your mood, your ensemble and what items you plan on carrying with you.

Types of Purse Styles

Hobo Bags

Easy-going hobo bags are an iconic style of purse that can fit almost any type of occasion or social/work environment, especially when made out of silky, supple Vaquetta leather from Columbia. Hobo bags are defined by their instantly recognizable crescent shape, which is somewhat droopy (but still chic-looking), and their long leather carrying straps. Coming in a variety of colors, hobos (named after the type of bundled, slouchy sacks hobos used to carry with them when hopping trains — at least in the cartoons) can make an excellent addition to your purse collection.

Crossbody Purses

The name pretty much says it all when it comes to crossbody purse styles. This style of purse — regardless of the main bag’s shape (canteen-shaped, rectangular or square), makes use of a long, sturdy strap that lets the wearer sling the purse across her body. One of the main advantages of a crossbody purse is that you can carry it in front of you, giving you quick and easy access to the items you’ve stowed away in your bag.


Roomy satchels, while similar to messenger bags, differ in that they are usually made out of leather. On the other hand, messenger bags tend to be constructed out of canvas. Satchels typically feature a crossbody strap as well, letting men and women alike wear them diagonally, hanging off of the hip opposite the load-bearing (for the strap) shoulder. Classy Le Donne Leather full-grain Colombian leather satchels come with straps and handles, plus small metal feet on the satchels’ flat bottoms to prevent damage to the leather, letting fashionable souls carry their goods around with confidence and style.

Shoulder Bags

Again, the name here says it all. The main design concept when it comes to extremely popular shoulder bags is that you can simply slip them over your shoulder and head off to whatever event it was you were planning to attend (or even for a quick trip to the grocery store). Shoulder bags give you a simple, no-fuss, hands-free carrying option for all of your accessories. The added bonus of shoulder purses is that they offer you easy access to all of the items you need, dangling off of your shoulder, right there next to your fingertips.


When you have a ton of stuff to carry around with you, but still want to look as well-dressed as can be, a stylish leather tote bag might be the way to go. Totes are good-sized unfastened bags that feature sturdy leather carrying straps or handles. They are roomy, practical — and thanks to the fact they come in a myriad of colors, make perfect fashion accessories. Whether you’re going to a beachside café or some special event, if you have a lot of items to bring with you, a trendy tote — like one of Le Donne Leather’s Vaquetta leather tote bags — will keep you looking remarkably stylish, while still letting you haul around a ton of gear inside your bag.