Trending Purses You'll Adore in 2022

30th Dec 2021

Handbag Trends this Year

Let's dig into some handbag trends and simple, yet chic leather purse styles at the forefront of fashion in 2022. Exceedingly bold colors as well as extra-large totes are just some of the trends in purses this year. We can almost guarantee that you’ll adore — and maybe even go wild for — some of the naturally unique Colombian leather totes, hobos and crossbody purses we’re featuring here.

Vaquetta Leather Hobos

If you want a purse that you can just scoop up and quickly sling over your arm or shoulder, you can't go wrong with a Classic Hobo Handbag. These gorgeous bags, made with Vaquetta leather by Colombian craftspeople, feature a rock-solid top zipper, a zippable vertical side pocket as well as a sleek and supple design. Available in such hues as cafe, red, tan and more, you’ll have plenty of hobo color options to match with your wardrobe.

The Quick Slip Hobo purse that comes in black, cafe and tan exudes oodles of charm and modern elegance. This purse is another must-have bag that is very au courant. This bag’s well-made, graceful design means it will serve you for years to come. With three front slip pockets and lots of room in the main compartment, you’ll be able to haul all your essentials around and look amazing at the same time.

Functionally Chic Leather Totes

Another fashion trend we’ve noticed recently is chic, extra-large totes and purses. Chic because women want to remain as stylish as possible and extra-large because all that carrying space is both functional and convenient.

If your heart is set on a large bag, you may want to pick up the Double Strap Large Pocket Tote. This tote will let you pack everything you need for a quick getaway and ensure that you look incredible. Our handcrafted two-handled Vaquetta leather tote features immaculate stitching, a fully lined interior and a refined silhouette. Large bag lovers will fall head over heels for this beauty, which comes in black, cafe, red and tan.

Crossbody Purses and Handbags

When it comes to purses that are in style now, crossbody bags should definitely be on your radar. With people getting back to work and commuting to the office again (after some time away), you’ll probably start noticing smart crossbody purses in the workplace. If you're the kind of woman who’s always on the move, an elegantly designed, practical crossbody bag just might be your cup of stylistic tea.

When it comes to shape, you can also opt for something circular, such as our adorable handmade Canteen Crossbody or perhaps a sophisticated rectangular Le Donne Leather Clover Mini Bag.

You can choose from a variety of crossbody purses and trendy bags on offer here. Dress for function and for style, picking a different shape, color or design to match the season or your mood. So go wild this year and select from some of the finest quality leather purses you’ll ever run across.