Matching His & Her Travel Bags Not Found in Stores

8th Jun 2023

The first thing you grab when you’re ready to pack for an upcoming trip is often a travel bag. It might be a short trip or weekend getaway that requires you to bring along just a few things, or maybe your trip will last for a week or more. What makes it easier to carry whatever it is you’re bringing along is the right kind of travel bag.

If you’re in need of a quality bag that is sure to last for many years, a travel bag made of fine quality leather is a great choice. Now, you just need to find the right style for you.

The Best Bags for Travel

You may be surprised to learn that luggage travel bags made of leather have been around for centuries. At first, they were a bit crude in their design, but as leather making processes improved, so did the design of the bags. Eventually, craftsmen were producing quality leather bags as a luxury item for wealthy customers.

Today, virtually anyone who desires a luxurious leather bag for travel can own one thanks to Le Donne Leather’s affordable prices, and handcrafted bags are still coveted by those who want the very best in design, workmanship and style.

The Unisex Traveler Tote Bag

Over the years, design inspiration for travel bags has come from vintage and modern styles that have influenced one another in interesting ways. For example, the Distressed Leather Getaway Duffel shares some design similarities with the classic tote bag. It has a boxy shape, deep interior, thick double straps, adjustable shoulder strap and sophisticated detailing. These are features that make totes appealing. This style, however, has a vintage-bag look that appeals to both men and women.

The Unisex Crossbody Bag for Travel

The crossbody bag is a staple accessory for many people who carry bags because it’s so easy to grab and go. Plus, these leather bags have a minimalistic design that goes with all sorts of outfits and outerwear. Typically, crossbody bags are small to medium in size and practical enough to hold a limited number of essentials for the day. With their long straps that can be slung across the body for security, they are often carried while visiting tourist spots.

Gender-Specific Suggestions

If you’re curious about travel bags that may appeal more to women or men, we’re including a few favorites tailored to their respective tastes. This is especially helpful for couples who prefer individual bag styles over matching bags.

Luxury Travel Bag for Women

In addition to the Distressed Leather Getaway bag, ladies may also like the Classic Cabin Duffel Bag. You want a leather travel bag with more pockets? This classic duffel delivers with zippered exterior pockets for stashing more things. But what really makes this bag a standout is the hidden zippered shoe compartment! Then there’s the Hudson Weekend Duffel Bag. It’s a classy and practical bag.

Best Travel Bag for Men

Guys may like this cool-looking Distressed Leather Overnighter Duffel Bag for travel. It features a rugged style and a padded shoulder strap for comfort.

Whatever style you choose for your travels, all Le Donne Leather bags are made with stunning, full-grain Colombian Vaquetta leather. Shop our beautifully crafted bags for men and women today.