5 Bags Every Man Should Own ‒ Le Donne Leather

23rd Jun 2023

When it comes to personal carrying bags, sometimes men are left with the short end of the stick. They gather their items in cheap bags or even — gasp — paper bags — and leave it at that. But men should show their style and personality with the bags they carry, and they should be high-quality pieces that are also functional. After all, there's nothing like a man who accessorizes well.

Here are five bags from Le Donne Leather that every man should own:

1. Brief or laptop bag. Every man needs a high-quality bag for a laptop or simply to carry business papers and supplies. Arrive at the office in style with a high-quality Colombian leather piece like our Full Flap Laptop Messenger Bag, with an easy-to-open magnetic-snap top flap, padded laptop sleeve, interior zipper compartment, and places for small items like business cards and pens. You might also opt for a roomier piece like our Oversized Laptop Briefcase, with a laptop compartment plus two additional padded interior compartments, and plenty of dividers to keep items organized.

2. Messenger bag. An attractive messenger bag is a great way to tote office files, books, important papers and other essentials. Carry it to and from the office, or use it as a carry-on for travel. The Classic Messenger sports a stylish flap-over design with a slim main compartment, zippered interior pocket and interior file divider. Stash frequently used items in one of the three slip pockets. Our Expandable Messenger Brief, with a zipper running along the sides and bottom and a sturdy, adjustable shoulder strap, is also a good choice.

3. Backpack. Backpacks are convenient totes for travel or business. Choose the Arcity Unisex Sling Bag, a slim yet spacious piece that two large zippered interior compartments under the front enclosure plus other interior pockets for stowing frequently used items. Our Distressed Leather Backpack is also a great choice for men, with its sturdy straps and large front zippered pocket concealing a secured laptop compartment and another compartment for papers and books.

4. Tech friendly bag. A lightweight bag for smaller devices like laptops is also in order. It's a great way to carry your tablet along with other office essentials. Check out our Vertical Laptop Messenger Bag, large enough to hold a laptop but also great for books, files and other items. You might opt for something a big smaller, like our Multi Pocket Tech Friendly Mens Bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, large enough to safely carry a tablet plus phone, cards, pens and other items in the outer zipper-secured pockets.

5. Travel bag. Travel in style with pieces like our sturdy Classic Cabin Duffel Bag, with its large, zipper-secured interior compartment, shoe compartment and four other large, zippered compartments, plus metal feet for extra sturdiness. If you need something small, check out our Jet Set Toiletry Bag, great for carrying a razor, shaving cream, cologne, brush and toothbrush — everything you need to freshen up after a long flight.

If you have any questions about Le Donne Leather's men's bags or anything else we carry, feel free to contact us anytime.