Trends: Belt Bags & Fanny Packs Are Back in Style

11th Mar 2023

Belt bags are once again a trendy item to have among your bag accessories. But truly, they should never fall out of style because they are one of the most practical bags around. Also known as waist bags, they are typically smaller in size than a regular-sized purse and the straps are designed differently than crossbody bags or other over-the-shoulder bags.

This bag style appeals to both men and women. Because they offer unisex wearability, they are made to fit a man’s or a women’s physique. Simply adjust the belt to a length that is comfortable for you.

Reasons to Get a Crossbody Belt Bag

Convenience is the number-one reason for getting a crossbody belt bag for those who want a smaller bag that closely hugs the body. This on-trend bag style is so compact that it takes up very little storage space, and you can even hang it up in the closet until you’re ready to use it again.

The micro-bag size makes it convenient to bring with you anywhere you need to have easy access to essentials such as money, your cell phone and keys. The other reason for owning a belt bag is to avoid stuffing important items into pockets. Your items are much more secure inside of a well-made leather bag.

Casual vs. Luxury Belt Bag

Some belt bags are made of materials that are OK when the bag is worn with casual clothes but cannot be worn with work or dressy outfits. You can avoid this by choosing a luxury bag made of genuine leather.

Real leather makes a belt bag design stylish and sophisticated, and you can choose a style that fits with your fashion preferences. It may be that you find more than one style to your liking. In that case, you can get them both, or stick with one style and get it in two or more colors for better outfit matching.

Men’s Belt Bags

The best belt bag designs are unisex and appeal to both genders. However, if you’re looking for styles that appeal to men, the simple elegance of the Classic Waist Bag with a large and small zippered compartment is a great choice. Depending on his preference, he can wear it around his waist or in the crossbody position. The Switchback Waistbag is another style he might like. This bag keeps it simple with a single zippered compartment.

Women’s Belt Bag

It’s nice to have practical options when it comes to purses, and the belt bag can quickly become a valued accessory because it helps her scale down in a jiffy when she only wants to carry a few essentials. Every woman should have at least one quality belt bag because there are going to be those times when a large (or medium) bag is bothersome to carry.

In addition to its hands-free design, the best belt bags for ladies on the go include separate compartments for keeping things like identification, credit cards, keys, lipstick and anything else she absolutely needs at the moment.

The Journey Waist Bag has a chic look, roomy interior with a zippered pocket and a separate exterior compartment. The Four Compartment Waist Bag is perfect for women who always want to be organized.

Whatever style you prefer, all of these belt bags from Le Donne Leather are made with full-grain Colombian Vaquetta leather for a luxurious look and feel.