How to Choose Shoes and Purses that Match

16th Sep 2021

Let’s take a moment out of our busy day to understand how to choose shoes and purses that match and learn about the elegant stylistic flourishes a chic handbag made out of supple Vaquetta leather can bring to just about any outfit.

Matching Shoes and Bags

First, there are a few basic rules when it comes to matching shoes and bags that we’ll need to wrap our fashion-conscious minds around. Here are some of the basics to pay attention to — though there's almost always a bit of fashion wiggle room — when matching shoes with handbags.

1. Matching Materials

Ensure that when you pair or match shoes to a bag that you stick with the same basic materials in most instances. For example, canvas shoes and a stylish canvas bag might be the perfect combo for a stylish but casual outfit for a breezy beachside café rendezvous or a lunch date with friends.

On the other hand, business attire worn with tasteful leather boots or pumps would, in most cases, pair better with the softs accents a Vaquetta leather business tote offers.

2. Match Colors and Design Patterns

Consider colors and design patterns when matching bags and shoes. A leopard print bag usually pairs nicely with leopard print shoes. The same goes for simple and complicated design patterns. For example, tartan women's shoes will look great with a tartan tote bag, provided the tartan design matches.

If you have a favorite color when it comes to shoulder bags, such black, red or tan, you can easily match these hues to the shoes that are the same color, creating a well-thought-out ensemble. Also, if you're planning to wear multi-colored shoes, match your bag to the most prominent color or vice versa when matching shoes to a bag you have your heart set on.

3. Grab Attention but Stay Away from Accessories that Clash

Think about what part of your outfit you want to stand out. If you have a bold, killer dress that should be the center of attention, a splashy bag could be distracting — or worse, clash with your overall ensemble.

If you're slipping into a simple, graceful ensemble for an evening out, you may prefer more subdued full grain leather colors when it comes to your hobo bag and shoes. The aim is to subtly enhance your flowing style with matching shoes and bags, without making a brash overstatement.

4. Bright Colors and Neutral Tones

Keep in mind that the "rules" governing matching shoes and purses are flexible. Maybe you have a fairly dark or black outfit, but you also have a splash of bright yellow on your black leather bag. In this case, a pair of bold yellow leather shoes could make the overall outfit pop, letting you stand out from the crowd.

If you favor neutral tones, you can vary the color shades of your bags and shoes slightly. These small tonal variances between handbags and shoes will give your understated wardrobe some much-needed contrast, ensuring that you hold onto your title of fashionista.

Shoe and Bag Matching Etiquette

It’s good to adhere to some basic rules when matching shoes and bags. Even so, as fashion trends evolve — as does your unique sense of style — remember that these rules are only a basic style guide. As we all know, breaking the rules can often be fun. Furthermore, rulebreakers are often at the forefront of culture, fashion and design.

A bit of taste and common sense will go a long way to ensure that your shoe and purse matching game is ready for any event from a casual dinner at a trendy restaurant to a formal ball held in a luxury hotel. No matter the occasion, we know that you’ll look great — and perfectly matched.