10 Essentials to Keep in Your Leather Purse

25th Nov 2021

Whether you carry full-grain Vaquetta leather purses or handbags, large-capacity tote bags — or perhaps one of our stylish Colombian leather crossbody purses — you can easily turn these works of art into functional accessories. The best way to do this is to stock your purses with all of the items you'll need as you go about your day.

10 Everyday Essentials to Keep in Your Leather Purse

Of course, everyone’s list of the essentials they'll want to keep in their purse(s) will vary depending on their individual needs and sense of style. Here at Le Donne Leather, we can get you started on your own must-have list by running through some of the most important items any respectable fashion icon should keep inside their shoulder, crossbody or sling leather bags.

1. Card Holder(s), Plus Spare Keys

A spare set of keys will come in handy, especially if you're the type who's always losing them. And of course, a cardholder means you won't have to waste time pawing through your purse looking for loose debit cards, store discount cards and the like.

2. Makeup, Compacts, Lip Balm, Hairbrush and Hair Ties

When you want to spruce up your appearance, brush and/or tie back your hair or keep your lips from drying out when you're out in the elements, having some extra makeup, a compact, some lip balm, a hairbrush and a few extra hair ties in your purse is really a no-brainer.

3. Extra Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer

In a world still wary of viruses, as well as disinfecting hands and surfaces, it's always a good idea to keep a few extra face masks with a small bottle or two of hand sanitizer in your purse. These spare supplies offer an extra layer of security — especially if you’re headed into a crowded indoor space.

4. Medication(s) and Inhalers

If you rely upon any type of medications (for allergies, migraines or other chronic conditions), make sure you have enough medication in your purse to get you through the day. Anyone suffering from asthma will, of course, want to carry spare inhaler canisters as well.

5. Bandages, Tape, Gauze, Ibuprofen and Aspirin

If anyone you're with happens to get cut, burnt, bruised or comes down with a headache, you'll be glad you stocked your leather handbag with bandages, tape, gauze, ibuprofen and/or aspirin — making you the hero with the “magical” tote who saves the day!

6. Tissue Travel Packs

Achoo! Bless you — and here’s a packet of tissues (from my purse) for that runny nose or hay fever you’re dealing with.

7. Moisturizer

Dry skin on a windswept day? Luckily, you packed some moisturizer away in your handbag to keep your skin from cracking due to Mother Nature’s harsher side.

8. Portable Chargers and Power Banks

Whether you need juice for your phone or tablet, you’ll be glad that you packed a portable charger in your shoulder bag. Better yet, a portable power bank for when you're running from one meeting to the next and your phone battery is dying.

9. An Umbrella and Emergency Rain Poncho

No one likes to get soaked during a sudden downpour. That’s why it’s always wise to keep a compact umbrella — and maybe even a small emergency rain poncho — with you in case you get caught out in the rain.

10. A Multi-Tool

While a multi-tool might not sound like the most elegant item to keep in your purse, the right model will offer you a flashlight, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, a package opener, a can opener, a bottle opener, a wood and metal file, plus a whole lot more. It could come in handy when you’re out in the world in search of just the right tool.